In our approach to serving our clients, we try to achieve a close integration
between our firm and our clients.  We strive to work seamlessly with the
client’s management team—whether on-site at the client or off-site at our
offices—to ensure the highest possible levels of quality, responsiveness, and
efficiency.  (For clients without in-house counsel, we typically serve as their
outside general counsel.)  Our approach often involves the following key

Dedicated Counsel

We commit to having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney personally
handle (as much as possible and practicable) all matters of a given client.  
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On-site Presence

As and when appropriate, our dedicated counsel will work on-site with the
client on an on-going or periodic basis.  
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Intimate Knowledge of the Client

At the outset of every new client engagement, your dedicated counsel will
devote the necessary time and effort to ensure that he has the requisite
understanding of the corporate / organizational structure of your company and
the specific nature of its business activities .
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Prompt Attention

Through your dedicated attorney, we can ensure all transactional and
operational matters referred to us by a client are handled as promptly as
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Cost-effective Handling

Through our use of the dedicated attorney structure, coupled with the intimate
knowledge of our clients and on-site availability that it provides, we are able to
achieve a level of efficiency typically unmatched by outside counsel.  Naturally,
this efficiency translates directly into cost benefits to our clients.  
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